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 Singer - Actress - Vocal Coach

Laura Malmivaara


Jennie is a singer with over fifteen years of experience. She is a very skilled vocalist who works with the top musicians in Finland. Because of her versatility she is booked for a lot of different occasions, everything from jazz-gigs in smokey cellars to soloist in concerts with symphony orchestras. Jennie was asked to sing at the Presidential Ball in 2018 together with Mikael Saari and Kaartin Combo, which is one of the most prestigious honors as a singer in Finland.

Click on the youtube icon to listen to performances and to subscribe. 

In 2015 she competed in the Voice of Finland and made it all the way to the finals and third place which made her a household name for people watching the show.

Jennie has also released music under the name Jennie Von Storbacka. 

Jennie also works as a background vocalist if needed. She has great musical knowledge and is very precise both rhythmically and pitch-wise which makes her perfect for the job.

Due to her work in musical theatre (see actress) she can easily pick up choreography and dance while singing.


Work Experience shortly:

  • Soloist at the Presidential Ball together with Mikael Saari, 2018

  • Show must go on, Hartwall Areena, Warner Music Live

  • Soloist at the Suomi100 ball for the Finnish Embassy in Brussels 2017

  • Tour together with Waltteri Torikka, Vain Rakkaus

  • Released two singles with her own music, ”Tuntuu Kuin” and ”New Orleans” both in 2016.

  • Show and Dinner at Casino Helsinki, Crazy in Love

  • The Voice of Finland 2015, finalist (team Michael Monroe)

  • Worked as a background vocalist for: Antti Tuisku, Kasmir, Anna Abreu, Jari Sillanpää, Cheek, Yö, Lenni-Kalle Taipale and many others

  • Soloist in the jazz-band North of Kallio Ensemble, Finnish jazz group with original music inspired by both the northern melancholy and the pulse of big cities.

  • Eurovision Song Contest contender 2005 (Kiss me), 2006 (Take me Higher)

  • Numerous gigs with different musicians for different occasions, both private and public events.

  • Numerous tv-performances in different show

  • Studio/demo singer for numerous projects

  • Official Vocal Coach for the Voice of Finland

Click here for music from North Of Kallio Ensemble.

For The Voice of Finland performances, please go to:

Fill in Jennie Storbacka in the search field and you will be able to get to all the songs and interviews.

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Jennie is also an actress and musical theatre artist. For over ten years she has been acting leading roles in the leading theatre houses in Finland. She graduated from the International Musical Theatre Education and has also trained in New York (David Brunetti, Miller Voice Method) and in Los Angeles (Chekhov International, Groundlings). She has mostly worked with theatre and musicals but has also acted in commercials and tv and done voice acting and voice overs for both commercials and different tv series (for more info, see pictures/videos). 

Her mother tongue is Swedish but she speaks Finnish and English fluently and a little bit of French.

Examples of leading roles in musicals:

  • Priscilla Queen of the Desert - Diva, Helsinki City Theatre

  • Miss Saigon – Kim, Helsinki City Theatre

  • Jekyll&Hyde – Emma, Turku City Theatre

  • Hair – Sheila, Turku Swedish City Theatre

  • We Will Rock you - Oz Amfi Theatre

  • RENT – Mimi, International Musical Theatre

  • High School Musical – Sharpay, Helsinki City Theatre

  • Äidinmaa – Anni, Espoo City Theatre

  • The Sound of Music – Liesl, The Swedish Theatre in Helsinki

  • Seili – Maria, Turku City Theatre

  • Myrskyluodon Maija/Stormskärs Maja - Maria/Siegfried, Turku Swedish Theatre/Vaasa City Theatre

  • Legally Blonde - Margot, Samppalinnan Kesäteatteri

For commercials and more, see Pictures & Videos

For full CV, see Contact & Info


Vocal Coach

Jennie is a certified Complete Vocal Technique vocal coach (Complete Vocal Institute, Copenhagen.) She graduated in 2011 and has been teaching professionals, artist and amateurs ever since. Her passion and compassion makes her a great teacher and her motivation to help everyone reach their vocal goals are very important to her. Her experience as a singer/actress gives her great musical knowledge which is important for the students. Due to her work as an actress she is also able to work with interpretation and not just technique.


She is the official Vocal Coach of The Voice of Finland (Nelonen Media). Due to the tight schedule the vocal coach needs to be thinking on her feet and be able to give tools that work for the singers at once. Also being part of a huge tv-production such as The Voice of Finland, you need to be able to work not only with the celebrity coaches but also with the production team.

She has her own vocal studio in Helsinki.

For info and bookings, please email: 

For more about Complete Vocal Technique, please visit the websites 

Vocal Coach

Photos & Videos

Photos & Videos

Voice Over

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Bildningskommunen till din tjänst

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Studentantagningen till universitet reformeras 2020

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Barbie A Perfect Christmas - The Wish I Wish Tonight (Finnish)

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Voice Over


3.2 Priscilla, HKT 19.00

4.2 Priscilla, HKT 13.00

17.2 Priscilla, HKT 19.00

18.2 Priscilla, HKT 13/18

23.2 Priscilla, HKT 19.00

24.2 Priscilla, HKT 19.00

25.2 Priscilla, HKT 13.00

3.3 Priscilla, HKT 18.30

4.3 Priscilla, HKT 13.00

10.3 Priscilla, HKT 18.30

11.3 Priscilla, HKT 13.00

16.3 Priscilla, HKT 18.30

18.3 Private Gig, Helsinki

22.3 Priscilla, HKT 18.30

23.3 North Of Kallio Ensemble

         Kapsäkki 19.00

24.3 Priscilla, HKT 18.30

25.3 Priscilla, HKT 13.00

27.3 Priscilla, HKT 18.30

30.3 Priscilla, HKT 18.30

31.3 Priscilla, HKT 18.30

15.4 Priscilla, HKT 13.00

29.4 Priscilla, HKT 13.00

2.5 Priscilla, HKT 18.30

3.5 Priscilla, HKT 18.30

4.5 Priscilla, HKT 18.30

6.5 Priscilla, HKT 18.30



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